Friday, September 22, 2017

Stephen Waguespack: Rebuild Trust with Technology

LABI President Stephen Waguespack wrote today that we should be using more technology to inform the public on what is being done, how money is being spent, etc. He also points out that a lot of people in the state are interested in the same thing, regardless of where you lay on the political spectrum.

"It hit me this week while fielding questions from radio listeners on The Jim Engster Show: as much time as we all spend these days talking about what divides us, the truth is we are not as far apart as most think.
A few callers asked about proposals for new revenue streams, mandates or regulations on businesses and non-profits, while others wanted to explore different options to fight poverty. The affordability and quality of health care were discussed, as was the specific structure of our tax code and its inability to provide stability for both private markets and public services.
While most of the callers came from a more liberal political perspective than I do, many of the topics were the right ones on which to focus.
For all the fussing and fighting in politics today, I think that all Republicans, Democrats and independents want good public schools, safe and growing communities and affordable health care when they need it. There should be no disagreement on that. No one is out there credibly advocating for a shrinking economy or less transparency in government."

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Code Name Insight: What's the Fiscal State of Your State?

Code Name Insight: What's the Fiscal State of Your State?: "What's the Fiscal State of Your State? If you live in one of several states--I'm looking at you Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and these others--and you rely on the state in any way (for your income, pension, medical care services, payments to your business, etc), well, things aren't looking so good.  These states are on the brink of bankruptcy (kind of, states can't actually file for bankruptcy but that doesn't mean they are financially solvent...they are basically out of money and in the hole so far no one in their right mind would loan them money/buy their bonds)."

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Code Name Insight: Prepping Challenges 91 Thru 100--You

Code Name Insight: Prepping Challenges 91 Thru 100--You: "Prepping Challenges 91 Thru 100--You Sometimes you go through the previous 90 prepping challenges, you have a massive amount of food and water stockpiled end up a refugee with only the clothes on your back.  Of all of the refugees I have known--from the previously very wealthy to the previously very poor--many ended up fleeing war-ravaged countries with basically what they could carry with them.  So this is perhaps the most important section as you are your most important secret weapon for surviving whatever disaster comes along."

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Code Name Insight: 25 Hurricane Dangers

Code Name Insight: 25 Hurricane Dangers: "25 Hurricane Dangers If you have been watching the news today (literally every station) you will have seen the non-stop reporting on Hurricane Irma which is hitting Florida as I type this.  All of this coverage provides a lot of 'lessons learned' about prepping for a major hurricane.  These are the many dangers that a hurricane can pose and what you need to prepare for if you live in a hurricane-prone area:"

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Does the 4% Retirement Spending Rule Still Hold Up—And Where Do Rentals Fit in?

Here is an interesting article on how much money you need to "save" for retirement. It also proposes options for ensuring a comfortable retirement. #GoodRead

Does the 4% Retirement Spending Rule Still Hold Up—And Where Do Rentals Fit in?: "How much do you need? How can you ensure that you don’t run out of money in retirement? What’s the fastest way to get there, and does fast also mean safe?"

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Code Name Insight - Prepping Challenges 81 Thru 90--Special Circumstances

Prepping Challenges 81 Thru 90--Special Circumstances

If you are young, rich, and healthy, prepping can be a pretty easy thing to do.  That isn't most people.  Many people have a bundle of circumstances that often make prepping difficult to virtually impossible.  Here's what to do if you are any of these special circumstances...

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Equifax Data Leak: Check if you were Affected - Google Thinks it is a Phishing site!

I woke up this morning and spent the first part of the morning catching up on Hurricane Irma news, (current status, future path,projected impact,etc.), then I noticed a headline that Equifax had a "data leak"...about a month ago...and possibly 143 MILLION people were affected...AND Equifax executives dumped company stock during the period between their discovering the  leak and their public announcement of the leak.

Crazy stuff, right? MR. ROBOT stuff.

So I go to the site set up to announce the leak and click on the link to check if my information was involved. This is what I see:

If this a joke? Is this a test? Yes, I understand what is actually going on. They are utilizing a third-party service for consumers to check if their data was involved in the leak, but this was a very shitty implementation. This could have easily been set up under the Equifax domain to not cause confusion. You would think someone would think of that...

As I was typing this up, the following tweets appeared, re-tweeted by a friend:

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