Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Arbor Day in Louisiana

This past weekend the Terrebonne Parish Library hosted an Arbor Day Tree giveaway. The event was sponsored by the Apache Corporation, on of the largest private landowners in Louisiana.

After signing in at the entrance to the event area, each person was allowed to select two potted trees and a reasonable number of bare-root saplings. There were potted oaks, bald cypress, maples, willows, and I think a couple of other types of trees, in addition to a variety of different bare-root saplings species.

I selected a swamp red maple and a swamp chestnut oak from the potted trees and a handful of water oak saplings from the bare-root selection.

Below are pictures of the planted trees in my back yard.

Swamp Red Maple - PLANTED!

Close-up of the Swamp Red Maple tree with tags.

Swamp Chestnut Oak flanked by Water Oak saplings and a existing Crepe Myrtle in the distance.

Close-up of the Swamp Chestnut Oak with tag.

Water Oak in the ground.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

China Geo-Engineering Deserts Away

If only Louisiana and/or the US would put this kind of commitment into restoring the coast. Yeah, it costs money, but the result is that our coast would stop disappearing.

We need to get more, better restoration projects going to reverse the land loss we currently experience.

China will spray bacteria over 133 square kilometer over the next 5 years to reclaim desert and slow the spread of deserts and a tiny part of effort to reclaim 200,000 square km of desert by 2020