Monday, October 17, 2011

Short Visualize.Me Review uses your LinkedIn profile information to structure your CV/resume information as an infographic. It's pretty neat and looks cool, but the details are are only what is in your LinkedIn profile.

A while back, I signed up to beta-test read an article about it on TechCrunch or LifeHacker and submitted my e-mail address for a beta invite. I got it a few days later and started playing around with it.

I customized the URL to my name, but could never access my viz via that URL. I could still get to it with the original URL that I got to it with and the settings listed my custom URL, but would not allow viewing with that URL. Now it appears that is out of beta and asking people to invite friends to the site. AND, my custom URL works now!(See link below)

Clint Galliano's Infographic Resume: Check out my infographic resume created via Create yours with one click.