Sunday, October 28, 2012

OFTAS Podcast (Or Roni Giving Game TIps for Wipeout on X-Box)

I have been thinking about starting a podcast...mainly about the same stuff or similar things I post about here. I have been waiting for the time and the motivation to do it.
Well, I finally got it. My youngest daughter was playing around with my wife's iPod Touch and decided that she was going to pretend that she was a host on the X-Box game from ABC "Wipeout". So she recorded an intro and then started giving game tips. It was too cute coming from a 5 year old, so I had to post it somewhere.

I found a free podcasting host called Podbean. They have free and paid solutions, so I signed up for a free account. It was really easy to do from my PC, but I had trouble when I initially attempted to create the account from my Android tablet. Unsure what the issue was.

They host *.mp3 files, so I found a free *.m4a converter and turned it into an *.mp3. Uploading was easy on the Podbean platform. Now the OFTAS Blog has a podcast also. I embedded a player here to the right that will play the latest episode.

Click to DOWNLOAD an *mp3 file of Roni's first podcast.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

7 Signs We Are Heading for a Mass Extinction?

7 Signs We Are Heading for a Mass Extinction

So what I want to know is if this has been building up for a while (ref. Part about extinction of megafauna), and the climate change we are experiencing is not entirely the fault of human activity, how can we avert a Mass Extinction? I am all for conservation and preserving/repairing the environment where we can, I don't see how we can impact this natural process enough to change this trend.