Saturday, July 10, 2010

No Agenda

It's been a little while since I've posted. I am trying to be frequent in posting, but life keeps getting in the way! :-) (It's all good)

I had to be in Houston this past week to do some software UAT (User Acceptance Testing). So I drove over on Monday. Since I got my iPhone I started listening to podcasts while traveling. I have been mainly listening to podcasts from the TWIT Network.

TWIT is the acronym for This Week In Tech, which I guess is the flagship show on Leo LaPorte's online broadcast network. They have shows that cover topics from technology to law to food. It's pretty cool.

One of the regulars on the show TWIT is John C. Dvorak, a journalist, has been one of my favorites from waaaay back. I used to love reading his columns in computer magazines. When on TWIT, he occasionally plugs a show he does with Adam Curry called "No Agenda". I decided to check it out and was kind of blown away by it. The opening credits bill it as "The Crackpot and the Buzzkill" (meaning Curry & Dvorak, respectively). That in itself was a WTF moment. As I got into the content, I liked what I heard. The premise of the show is that it is not supported by any advertising, only by listener donations and cover news that is not covered in mainstream media. And I am not talking about what's covered by Fox & not the other channels...Granted, some of the stuff Curry comes up with is really off the wall, a lot of what they covers connects dots between stories that by themselves seem harmless to normal people. When you look at them in the context of their show, it makes a lot of sense. Does that make me a conspiracy theorist? Maybe. The stuff just makes sense of what's going on.

The thing I do disagree with Curry on is his understanding of what actually goes on when drilling a well for oil or gas. (for obvious reasons). He believes the story being spread around that the Deepwater Horizon drilled into a giant methane gas bubble under the Gulf of Mexico and that bubble will soon burst to the surface and force the evacuation of the coastal states. I don't really know what to say about that except "huh? What have you been smoking?"

Anyway, go check out No Agenda. And based on what they have said on Thursday's show, I predict Spain will win the FIFA World Cup in a scoreless game on a penalty kick (or whatever the equivalent of that is in non-US football).