Thursday, May 24, 2012

Do You Have an Evacuation Plan?

June 1st is just around the corner...we have already experienced our first named Atlantic storm...time to brush up on your evacuation plan. The link below has some general evacuation tips, plus links to other recommendations.

Code Name Insight: Your 5 Step Evacuation Plan:

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We generally have a go/no go decision based on the predicted storm path and storm intensity. If a storm looks to land anywhere east of our location and is not a monster storm, we plan to ride it out at home. I have a propane burner (practically who doesn't in South Louisiana?), a propane BBQ pit, a generator capable of running my freezer and refrigerator, plus some fans & lights, and a bunch of food, so we will be moderately comfortable. Keep lots of bottled water and non-perishable food items on hand. Experience dictates that if the power goes out, and it will, it takes up to at least a week to restore it. Also make sure to have a couple of weeks reserve of any maintenance medication that you need whether you ride it out or evacuate.

If the storm is passing nearby to the west of here or if it is a really big one, we evacuate. Our evacuation destination depends on where the storm is projected to make landfall. If it is going to Southwest Louisiana, then we can opt to bug out well enough ahead to travel to the Houston area or travel back east towards Alabama or Florida. If it gets really bad across the whole Gulf Coast, then directly north is the plan of action. It is also good to travel on alternate routes, since most people will be trying to use the main routes such as Interstates and likely to have them clogged up.

Be Safe. Be Prepared.