Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cyber Stalking

I saw this today on LinkedIn:

It is funny and a meme, but it's also true(for the most part). In the old days, pre-internet, if you knew just about everything about someone's business background prior to dealing with them face to face, you were flattering them by having taken the time out to research them.

Today, it's a lot easier to pull off, but I have to wonder...couldn't this be considered cyber stalking? I know it's bullshit, but that is basically what's going on.

This happens on social media sites like Facebook all of the time. Some people are not aware how much of their life they publish online. Or if they are, they don't realize how they are giving up their privacy.

A lot of times, people they are connecting with aren't even real. I know of someone who set up a fake profile  on Facebook using pictures that were made public on the actual person's timeline. The person with the fake account started sending friend requests to students at a nearby university and had amassed almost 100 "friends" in just ONE DAY!

WTF, people?

The moral of the story is be careful with your personal data online.