Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ramping Up the Rhetoric

Ramping Up the Rhetoric

There has been an increase in the volume of so-called “Anti-Fracking” articles and commentary lately in the media. The funny thing is that many of these articles refer to hydraulic fracturing as a new technology. This is only because they have only recently become aware of the technique, so they perceive it as being new.
Also, there are the usual suspect celebrities going on & on about how bad hydraulic fracturing is for the environment and the people, when they are clueless as to how it works.

Examples of articles attacking the practice:

The two agendas against fracking

Are fracked oil and natural gas really "snake oil"?

Five Ways to Stop President Obama's Plan to Frack America

Luckily, there have also been articles that support hydraulic fracturing and aim to dispel the myths that so-called “fractivists” are trying to scare America and the rest of the world with. 

See the examples below:

Ten Big Fat Lies About Fracking

Shale, Fracking Are Not The Main Cause Of Texas Water Shortages

Fracking, Or Hydraulic Fracturing, Is Helping US To Produce More Of Its Own Energy [Graphics]
America’s Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Surge and the Changing Global Energy Market

Wood Mackenzie: Global Geopolitics Reshaped by North American Energy Independence