Wednesday, June 24, 2015

HARC receives grant to develop interactive well pad site

HARC receives grant to develop interactive well pad site: "Many people have never been on and may never have the opportunity to visit an active drilling or hydraulic fracturing site. Now, anyone with a computer can explore oil and gas development activities and encounter the numerous best practices and technologies industry can employ in order to develop reserves with less impact on the environment and communities. The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems (EFD) Program, managed by HARC (the Houston Advanced Research Center), released the EFD Virtual Site in 2012, featuring an interactive Virtual Drilling Rig. In 2014, a Virtual Hydraulic Fracturing Site was launched. This free educational tool was built using gaming software in order to interactively engage current and future energy employees, geologists, and environmental specialists, promoting environmental stewardship to all stakeholders. Now, the EFD Program has been awarded a grant from The Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation for the development of the next phase of the interactive EFD Virtual Site, the EFD Virtual Well Pad Site. The EFD Virtual Site is free and available to the public. With funding from The Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation, HARC will work with members of the EFD University and National Laboratory Alliance, as well as subject matter experts from industry, environmental organizations, and other stakeholders to develop the latest addition to the interactive, multimedia web application. Using this state-of-the-art gaming software, users can familiarize themselves with the best practices associated with oil and gas development, as well as increase their understanding of these operations."

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