Monday, August 3, 2015

WellAware launches Chemical Management Solutions to reduce oilfield operating costs and optimize production

WellAware launches Chemical Management Solutions to reduce oilfield operating costs and optimize production: "WellAware has launched the WellAware Chemical Management and WellAware Chemical Optimization products. Designed for E&P and chemical service companies, the new products reduce operating costs, minimize pump and well downtime, and optimize production. Matt Harrison, CEO for WellAware, said, "Our customers asked us to help them more effectively manage their production chemical programs. It's a huge opportunity -- both to increase production and significantly reduce operating costs, as production chemicals are typically one of the three highest expenditures for an operator. WellAware's Chemical Management and Chemical Optimization solutions streamline chemical management processes so that operators and chemical service companies can spend less and implement more effective programs." Traditionally, monitoring of chemical tanks and pumps has been a completely manual process. Technicians drive to each well site to check the status of the treatment and frequently find issues including low tank levels, leaks, inoperable pumps, and over/under target injection rates. These issues result in not only high labor, transportation, and chemical costs, but also significantly impact downtime and production levels. "For example, low injection of paraffin inhibitors or H2S scavengers can increase required well remediation treatments and well shut-ins, preventing operators from hitting their production targets," added Harrison. "WellAware helps address these challenges by providing reliable data collection, exception-based monitoring and control, and actionable analytics. Chemical tank level and pump operating data is collected via remote telemetry using our heterogeneous communications network, which supports multiple wireless standards to ensure availability in all regions. This unique data visibility allows operators to monitor chemical equipment and inventory as well as receive alarms when issues arise, such as low tank levels, system leaks, insufficient pump voltage, and insufficient injection rates," said Harrison."

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