Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Neither Charlie Hunnam Nor His Abs Will Return For Pacific Rim 2

Neither Charlie Hunnam Nor His Abs Will Return For Pacific Rim 2: "I can see the rewrite now. Charlie Hunnam will appear in a short cameo. The cameo would consist of the following scenes. Mako: The clock has reset, we have a category 2 event! Becket: We need to go now! Mako: Are you going to put a shirt on? Becket: There’s no time! (Becket runs across the screen, abs prominent) (Mako and Becket get intoGypsy Danger 2: Becket’s abs are still exposed. ) (Gypsy Danger marches out, as awesome guitar rift plays. A kaiju suddenly attacks) (Camera jostles, focuses on Becket’s abs.) Becket: It’s time to cancel this guy! Mako, Mega Zord attack number 5! Mako and Becket do a pseudo-kungfu move that looks like a series of vertical crunches, camera focuses on abs. (awesome explody C.G scene) Mako: Right, let’s finish him! (Kaiju feigns right and grabs Gypsy Dangers heads from the right. The claws sink through and evelope Becket. A finger covers his head, another his legs, camera can only see his abs.) Mako: Nooo! Becket: Kill em for me! (Set explodes as the Gypsy Danger’s head is ripped in half, the last we see of Becket is his nude torso and abs) Mako finishes off the kaiju single handedly, plot happens, and she gets all drifty and kinky with John Boyega."

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